Your CFO just squeezed your budget again, and your business clients keep clamoring for more.

I know how you feel. I was in your shoes for nearly a decade.

How we can help

You have some great ideas about where to get your next increments of productivity. Getting past the daily fires is the challenge. We can help you past those fires while recognizing the position you are in with your CFO—if we cannot show you a one-quarter ROI with us, you will not pay a dime. Specifically, we can:

  • Help you streamline your internal processes

  • Set up agreement templates and playbooks

  • Help you to fully tap the international legal services market

  • Help with (or simply drive) time-consuming negotiations with suppliers and development partners

  • Provide a cost-effective, independent sounding board

Our Experience

Fortune 75. BigLaw. Practicing engineer.

In addition to nearly a decade of Fortune 75 in-house experience, Headland’s Chief Strategist spent several years as an attorney at a highly regarded international law firm, and several more years as a practicing engineer.

  • Providing general legal guidance to global teams on government contracts, employment matters, trade compliance issues, regulatory approvals, tax matters, data privacy issues, supply chain matters, and many other areas

  • Drafting and negotiating all manner of development agreements, long-term supplier agreements, and licenses

  • Conducting diligence on $100M+ M&A deals; integrations and divestitures on $5M-$1.4B deals

  • Handling litigation matters

  • Overseeing all IP aspects associated with a massive patent portfolio and 20 discrete product lines accounting for $2.5B in annual revenue

  • Managing and mentoring global teams of paralegals, analysts, engineers and firms

  • Coordinating cross-functional, global teams on product development and risk mitigation tasks

  • Developing business models and flexible, customer-focused payment models


Our Guarantee


Words are nice, but we know that your CFO mostly cares about dollars and cents. Give us five hours. If we are unable to help you develop and execute a plan with a one-quarter ROI, you will not pay us a dime.

Your business clients will be happy. Your CFO will be happy. And you will be happy.