You have what you need to support 85% of your clients’ needs. Let us help you plug the remaining gap.

Electrical Engineering • Embedded Software • Byzantine Corporate-America Processes • Refreshing Small Practices


“Object code” or “source code”? Do acronyms like FPGA, ASIC, PLC, PLD or RTOS make you wish you had a soup spoon?

Tap into years of electrical engineering and embedded software experience in the morning; be a hero for your client in the afternoon; relax in the evening.


Your corporate client wants to go 100 MPH one minute, then sit still for two months. What gives?

I was that corporate client for nearly a decade. Let me help you understand what goes on behind the curtain at a Fortune 500—so you can better anticipate and focus your energy on providing real, billable value.


Your firm has been rolling along just fine, but you wish you could streamline a few aspects.

The legal services industry is rapidly changing. There are so many new resources available today that may not have been available when you started. Have you been able to keep up?