Accessibility Statement

The whole reason we exist is to serve our clients—whether they are medical innovators, entrepreneurs, in-house counsel or executives, or attorneys within other firms. If there is something about our website that is hindering our ability to serve you, or your ability to determine whether we could serve you, would you please let us know? Email us at or call us 612-324-6334, option 4.

We will work with you to address the underlying issue, or to provide you, in some other manner, the information you need to assess whether we might be able to help you as a client. We care about accessibility and assistive technologies, and we look forward to working with many clients in this space who have the same concern and are who are doing something about it.

Making websites accessible to ever-widening populations is an ongoing effort for us all in the digital world. If you have any specific suggestions, email us at or call us at 612-324-6334, option 4.