Our Experience

Fortune 75. BigLaw. Practicing engineer.

Our Chief Strategist has a wealth of legal and technical experience, including nearly a decade inside the legal team at Fortune-75 Honeywell International Inc.; several years within the IP powerhouse of Fish & Richardson; and several years as a hands-on design engineer at Artesyn Communication Products.

Matthew J. Smyth, President & Chief Strategist

Matthew J. Smyth, President & Chief Strategist

Specific expertise:

  • Providing general legal guidance to global teams on government contracts, employment matters, trade compliance issues, regulatory approvals, tax matters, data privacy issues, supply chain matters, and many other areas

  • Drafting and negotiating all manner of development agreements, long-term supplier agreements, and licenses—including with universities, government labs, and private entities

  • Conducting diligence on $100M+ M&A deals; integration and divestiture work for $5M-$1.4B deals

  • Handling litigation matters, including offensive and defensive patent litigation, pre-suit diligence, and licensing and inter partes review (IPR) work to avoid suits

  • Overseeing all IP aspects associated with large, regulated product portfolios, including portfolios for 20 discrete product lines accounting for $2.5B in annual revenue

  • Managing and mentoring global teams of paralegals, analysts, engineers and firms

  • Coordinating cross-functional, global teams on product development and risk mitigation tasks

  • Developing business models and flexible, customer-focused payment models


Our History

Matthew Smyth founded Headland Law & Strategy to combine his personal passion for medical and technology-based innovation with his nearly two decades of professional experience in law, intellectual property, business, engineering, strategy and project management.


Why “Headland”?

Headlands have held strategic significance for centuries. They were often home to castles, lookouts and military outposts because of the strategic vantage points they afforded for assessing risks and charting paths over difficult terrain.

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That strategic vantage point is what we provide to our clients.


Why waste valuable time navigating unfamiliar terrain? Let Headland Law & Strategy be your guide on the path from innovation to commercial success.